01. Adult language students are generally [visual] learners; they like to see things written down.
02. She is studying the [visual] arts; painting, drawing, and that sort of thing at college.
03. Her brother is [visually]-impaired, and uses a white cane to get around.
04. If you use lots of [visuals], like graphs and photos, it will really make your presentation more interesting.
05. The [visuals] of the lecture were fascinating, but the professor didn't explain them enough.
06. The boy [visualized] himself winning the school trophy, and walking up onto the stage to receive it.
07. The team's goaltender has been using [visualization] techniques where he sees himself stopping the ball, in order to get ready for each game.
08. It is very hard for children to [visualize] their mother and father having sex, and they often think that it is something their parents no longer do.
09. William Gilbert once noted that losers [visualize] the penalties of failure, whereas winners [visualize] the rewards of success.
10. Jack Youngblood once said, "I [visualize] things in my mind before I have to do them. It is like having a mental workshop."
11. Alfred Montapert once remarked that to accomplish great things we must first dream, then [visualize], then plan, believe, and act!
12. Crocodiles and alligators sometimes communicate [visually] through body language.
13. The color combination with the strongest [visual] impact is black on yellow.
14. Edinburgh is a [visually] beautiful place, with many parks and gardens to take a leisurely stroll through.
15. The slow eastward motion of the sun is not easy to [visualize] because of the rotation of the Earth.
16. Elephants have a wide and varied language of [visual] signs and vocalizations.
17. Studies show that although both men and women are sexually aroused by explicit [visual] stimuli, women are much less likely to admit to their arousal.
18. He uses a number of [visualization] techniques to help deal with the pain of his cancer.
19. See yourself holding the first prize trophy in your hands. By [visualizing] winning, you will become a more confident player.
20. You have to [visualise] your body attacking the disease. If you can see it clearly in your head, you can make it happen.
21. My mother learned some [visualisation] techniques, such as imagining her tumors melting away, to help her in her fight against cancer.

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